March 5, 2007

Long Weekend

I had a four-day weekend, but it wasn't as good as I was hoping . . .

Right before I left work Wednesday, my wife called me and informed me that her father was in ICU. He was in for a "routine" to have a stint placed in a major artery and developed "complications". I won't go into detail since he is now at home and back to his old self.

I had a little time left on Sunday to go out and begin gathering supplies for an off-road trip scheduled at the end of the month. The Hummer Club of America has a trip in Hungry Valley planned. They have some strict requirements, but that is all good when safety is concerned. I will make sure to bring the camera and share the results.

My webserver had a few issues when I upgraded php. It took a little effort, but most everything is back up and running. Ampache is still broke, but it is not on the top of my list of crap that needs to be done right now. I made a clever page to indicate the page is down for now. I think the picture selection works well with the theme.

Well, better focus on work now.

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