February 25, 2007

Green This!

I had an enjoyable time watching the Oscars last night.  I can stop calling Martin Scorsese the "Susan Lucci of directors"  I did get a little irate when Al Gore took the stage to take credit for his "green" contributions.  It got me thinking how big stars and politicians love throwing around that term like it was a religion to them only to do a half-ass attempt at actually doing it!

This morning, the rage was fueled even more when I heard on the news that there might be an extra  tax for SUVs, sports cars and pickups in California.  WTF?!  Aren't we paying enough?  Why don't we start penalizing those who commute fifty-plus miles to work!  Sure, my Hummer doesn't get that good of gas mileage, but I use less gas than most of the people I know that own a Toyota Prius.  Why?  Because I live eleven miles from my job, not fifty!

I think I would use public transportation if it actually went places in LA.  We have the only train system that doesn't go to the airport, thanks to the stupid airport shuttle unions lobbying the local government so they don't lose their precious high-tip jobs (which they most likely don't declare on their taxes so it affects all of us).

So here is my statement to Mr. Gore . . . You want me to give up my gas guzzler?  Give me a good alternative!  Build decent public transportation (like New York and Washington D.C.).  I will use it!

BTW- Anybody see what kind of vehicle the Gores showed-up to the Oscars in?  I am willing to bet it was no Prius!


  1. I wouldn't worry. It's probably not going to pass, because the oil companies would probably be concerned that such tax could cut into their profit. It will be lobbied out of existence. :|

  2. If every American did a "half-assed" attempt, it would certainly improve the current conditions.