October 11, 2006

Trip to Bishop

Ellen and I made last minute plans to go to Bishop this last weekend. Needless to say, we had a total blast!

Getting hotel reservations was difficult because the was the Lone Pine Film Festival and the Owens Valley Car Show. Matter of fact, we got the last room in the hotel we stayed at only because there was a cancellation!

The drive up on friday wasn't too bad. I thought the Hummer wasn't going to do so well with climbing the grades at highway speeds, but I downshifted into fourth gear and was able to maintain my speed (80-85 mph!). Got around 15 MPG on the way up. Not bad considering.

We went to dinner at Whiskey Creek for an awesome prime rib dinner which we followed with a quick walk around at the cruise-in to look at some of the classic cars that were there for the weekend.

Saturday was reserved for time with my childhood friend, Chris Kliks. Sleeping-in was an impossibility with all the people warming-up their hot rods 6:30 in the morning. We spent pretty much the whole day with Chris and his wife, Wendy. After we had breakfast/lunch, we took the Hummer out to East Bishop for an off-road test in the foothills.

Pictures can't quite show just how steep the hill was. Wendy, who likes to four-wheel, was a little quiet coming down the hill. With the transfer case in low gear and the differentals locked, the Hummer came down nice and easy with no slipping and very little use of the brakes. What a sweet ride!

We headed back to the Kliks residence for dinner and a computer repair (hey, some geeks just can't leave them alone). Ellen and Wendy took the Hummer to town and even ventured on some dirt roads for some off-road excitement of their own.

Sunday, we took a ride up to Rovana, the housing area where I grew-up. The house is so much bigger in my memories but I guess everything is!

As I was walking around the old house, I remembered putting my handprints in the cement we poured for the stoage shed we had. Yep, still there! I do miss the white picket fence we had around the house though. We decided to drive up the canyon to take in the view from high above. As we approached the Pine Creek Trailhead, we see an "Open House" sign at the gate for the mine. I took the opportunity and drove on up. What a treat! The gentlemen watching the property invited us to drive around freely and take in the view.

It was getting late (2:00 PM) and we had a long drive ahead of us, so we started back down. We stopped by the elementary school I attended for a couple of quick pics and then went home.

More pictures can be viewed here: LINKY

I can't wait until Memorial Day weekend! We will be going back to Bishop for Mule Days! WOOT!

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