October 27, 2006

Long Time, No Journal

I guess karma has caught-up with me. All those days of slacking off have come back tenfold! I have many projects on my plate right now. I just completed upgrading about fifty Solaris systems in Santa Barbara, I have been supporting flights in Florida, not to mention the increased frequency of trips to Mojave. I must be doing something right since I have received $200 in bonuses this month. I am glad the holidays are coming up soon so I can take a little break. I got a chance to clean off the desk a little bit . . .

I recently bought a new Apple MacBook. I just got it to dual-boot MacOSX and Solaris. God, I am such a geek!

Yeah, I was hoping to have more meat to put in this blog, but I am getting a blank. Maybe next time . . .

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