July 5, 2006

Survived the Fourth

What a fun weekend! I almost had a six day weekend, but I had to go to work Saturday. It was a good time to do patches since pretty much everyone was off for the weekend. Yeah, it sucked having it right in the middle of my long weekend, but I was able to get a lot done since nobody was there to bug me! I was able to patch about four-hundred systems in four hours (I love UNIX!).

After I left work, Ellen and I went to San Diego for a few days. This meant that we could now dine at our favorite prime rib place, The Butcher Shop. If you are ever in this area, I highly recommend this place. Kinda feels like a place where the mafia might hangs out, but good food none the less!

Most of our time was spent at museums. We went to the Auto and Aerospace museums in Balboa Park. We also made a return trip to the USS Midway, an aircraft carrier on display as a museum piece. We finished the day with dinner on Harbor Island and enjoyed the view of the downtown skyline at night.

We left Monday to avoid most of the traffic and to enjoy some relaxing time at home before returning to work Wednesday. We caught the fireworks show at a local park close to our home and retired for the evening.

As usual . . . I have a few pics from our trip:

I hope you all had a safe Fourth of July! Happy Birthday, USA!

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