July 9, 2006

Eating Dirt with Old Friends

I drove up to Mojave to see a old friend from high school. He kinda lives in the middle nowhere, so we took the Hummer. Well, being in the middle of nowhere just begged to have a Hummer drive all over it. My buddy Don needed some smokes, so we took the Hummer . . . through the dessert! It was a blast! I got it up to 55 MPH and it felt like a smooth road! I also tried to get it to drift on a hard turn, but the four wheel drive just kept it on track. We found a few old mud holes, but they were mostly dried-up. At least the H3 finally saw some off road goodness. Sorry, but I forgot to take some pics before it went to the car wash.

My plates for the H3 came in Saturday, so I finally got them put on tonight with my Bishop license plate frames. My iPod connection for the Hummer should be shipped tomorrow so expect to see the procedure for installation soon.

Work is going to be hell for the next few weeks while all my systems are being audited. There are still some issues I need to take care of, so I am hoping things get overlooked a little. I have only been there a year as of June 27th, so maybe they will cut me some slack.

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