July 17, 2006

If You Can't Take the Heat . . .

Holy cow, was it hot this weekend! Before all of you start going on about what "real heat" is and how lucky I really have it down by the beach, here is a thought . . .

I live in a city that the average temp is around 75 degrees (F). Yes, year round. This usually means that people do not have any form of cooling in the house. Now when the temp reaches 90 and the humidity is around 80%, I think I have the right to complain! Hey, I did my nineteen years of "living" in the Mojave desert, enduring 110+ temperatures and massive dust storms. But I was able to keep my house under 80 degrees inside with no problem.

I went up to visit my friends/former coworkers at NASA-Dryden friday. It was really great to see everybody again. I actually miss working up there, but not living there. A few people had to come and see me once they saw me pulling-up in the Hummer. Yeah, it was kinda juvinile showing it off, but it sure feels good to flaunt it in front of all the dorks that said I would come back begging for my old job. Funny thing is that some of those very people asked if there were openings at Raytheon! Yeah, like I'm going to tell them!

On the way back home, I stopped by Lancaster to spend the evening with my folks. My dad and I did a little male bonding and put some mud flaps on the Hummer (no, I did not put Yosemite Sam or the naked girl on them). We all enjoyed a simple dinner together. I didn't leave Lancaster until about 9:30 that night. Just as well, the traffic was free-flowing that late at night!

No too much happened over the weekend. I took Ellen out so purchase a new bed set for the new matress set we got last week.

Sunday was a day to just slum around. We went to see "Superman Returns". I liked how they continued the story line, but it was a little lengthy. I also didn't like the story behind Lois' child. Even if Superman was able to be gentle, there are some involuntary actions that would have literaly blown her head off!

Well, that's about it for my weekend.

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  1. I laughed out loud when I read this:
    Funny thing is that some of those very people asked if there were openings at Raytheon! Yeah, like I’m going to tell them!