July 19, 2006

Fighting the Heat

Monday, Ellen and I decided that we have had enough of the heat and went to find a couple of fans. We didn't find what we were looking for, but instead we found a couple of window fans. They even had thermostats in them so I can leave them on all the time with little worries. Evenings are much more tolerable now, at least upstairs. Tonight, I am going to the store and purchase a box fan and supplies to build a stand to hold it in our patio door. The should give us the same effect as the window fans.

Maybe this weekend, I will tackle the project of my server room. You can see the temperatures here: LINKY

As you can see, it is a little warm right now. The temp indicated in the SCSI section is pretty close to the ambient temp in the room. I think if I just get some more outside air into the room that I will be just fine.

Maybe I will reconsider moving back to Lancaster . . . NOT

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