June 11, 2006

Playing with the New Toy

I have been having lots of fun showing off the new Hummer. My sister and father came down to visit for the evening on Saturday, so Ellen and I got take them for a cruise around town.

Sunday, we took the Vibe to CarMax to see what they would give us for it. We really need to get rid of it to make room for the Pontiac Solstice we ordered for Ellen (which might very soon). I would like to sell it for $10,000, but I might be persuaded to sell it for cheaper. If anyone is interested, drop me an email! (cbetts99@gmail.com). Remember I live in Torrance, CA.

I also spent some time cleaning and rearranging the garage. Believe it or not, both the Hummer and the Vibe fit! You can see the proof in usual place: LINKY

Yeah . . . I really like the Hummer!

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