June 8, 2006

Hummer H3 Fun Facts

By the numbers:

4,700 pounds - The weight of an H3
16 - Estimated city mileage per gallon
$75,000 to $125,000 - Household income of likely buyers
169 - The number of Hummer dealerships nationwide
20 - The miles per gallon projected EPA fuel economy ratings for the H3
23 - Gallon capacity for the H3 fuel tank
300 - Projected number of H3s to be built daily at GM
7 6 - Number of colors available in H3; Grenade Green, Black, Yellow, Stealth Gray, White, Silver Birch and Victory Red.
4 - Number of cupholders; two in front, two in rear.
8.5 - Hours it takes to build an H3 from start to finish

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