April 15, 2006

An Old Love

I was on my Windows system today (yeah, I actually own Windows) to test my internet radio feed and saw the icon for BZFlag. I downloaded the latest client (totally free) and fired it off. I spent the next three hours online! I sucked for the first 15 minutes until I got back into the swing of things, then I took over! I used to play it every single day for like three years straight! My skills with guided missile earned my placement on top. If one of my team mates got it, they would call for me to come and get it! I am a little spoiled from playing Halo 2 since you can just talk to your teammates, but it was still a blast. If any of you are interested, I will be more than glad to go online and play. My handle is still GasMeister on BZFlag, but there are many servers out there. Hmmmm. Maybe I will setup my own!

1 comment:

  1. Some things are just unforgettable, this is a true story... I was there!

    The sysadmins in this story shall remain anonymous in case they ever want their old jobs back.

    Scene 1, Act 1:
    There I was in the Data Analysis Facility (DAF, NASA)..... swiped my access card to the staircase door, I looked up and started to climb the wide staircase to the second floor where Network Operations, Network Engineering and IT Security were located. I reached the landing and accessed the door leading to Net Eng and IT Sec, I was headed for Net Eng. As I stepped through the doorway I noticed the IT Sec door (which was always secured) was slightly ajar... hmm! that's very unusual, I pushed the door open and stepped into the room.....

    Scene 2, Act1:
    Three heads turned on 3 shoulders in a totally synchronized movement. Three jaws were wide open and six eyes were staring at me with a look of "BUSTED", six hands and sixty fingers were immobilized unable to minimize the active window. I looked at the screens..... BZ Flag.

    Scene 2, Act2:
    There were four guys playing BZ Flag.

    I laugh out loud when I think of this.