December 15, 2009

Toys for Tots 2009

Ellen and I had an awesome weekend. We spent Saturday spreading the cheer to the less fortunate by joining up with Southern California Hummer owners to deliver toys. I think Dave said it best in a post on the CHO forum:
Today we had the Toys for Tots run in SoCal. I am sure that Hummech will post up a more complete description of the event so I'll keep this as short as possible. Tustin Hummer once again sponsored this great event. H1 PsychoSquad cooked the breakfast for the 200+ participants prior to loading the trucks and caravaning over to the Tustin Rescue Mission. We loaded up Rick Roberts duece and a half, about 85 Hummers and several M103 trailers full of toys for the rescue mission. Tustin Rescue Mission is a 200 unit temporary housing project that provides a safe place to live and meals for 200 families that are homeless. It is also affiliated with 4-5 more similiar facilities. It was great to see the parents and kids faces as the caravan of Hummers pulled in and started unloading a mountain of toys. Another really cool feature of the caravan is that we had 6 Tustin police cars providing our escort to the center.
Once we were done at the center we went back to Tustin Hummer and loaded the rest of the toys, with the help of about 10 Marine volunteers onto the two 24' flatbed trucks the Marines sent down to collect the donations. They didn't send enough trucks so we loaded several of the H1s and M103 trailers and filled Rick's duece and a half again to deliver the balance of the toys to Camp Pendleton. Besides the toys that Hummer owners bought several people were able to arrange toy donations resulting in the equivalent of two semi trailer loads of toys being delivered to needy families through this event.

Tustin Hummer, Mike Saberrese, Lynette Ybarra deserve all the kudos for putting this amazing event together. We had support from the H1 PsychoSquad, HXC, HummerBaseCamp, CHO and many unaffliliated Hummer owners. My hat is off to all the participants for making this event a resounding success

You can find the pics I took here: LINKY

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