September 1, 2009

Wheeling in Big Bear

WOW! What a fun weekend. I finally got a chance to go off roading with a local group of Hummer owners.

I met up with a couple of people in Tustin and at 6:30 AM Saturday and drove up to Big Bear. Up there, we met up with two others. My father also drove up to go along for the ride. All together we had an H1, and H2 and three H3s.

This was the most difficult trail I had ever been on. fortunately, we had an awesome spotter. Seth got me in and out of places that I would have never thought possible.

Fortunately, Seth talked me into taking my steps off. As you can tell, things got a little tight!

We were really having a blast. at least until about 5:00 when Seth broke a CV joint.

My father was the first person to climb under the truck and start fixing it. They were able to just remove the half-shaft, leaving Seth with a three wheel drive.

It was about 9:30 PM when we finally got back to asphalt and another thirty minutes to Big Bear. When I got my dad back to his car, we discovered that the parking lot was gated at 5:00! Well, pops came home with me for the night and I took him back up there Sunday to retrieve his car.

Here are all the links to the pics and clips:

Matt (driver of the H2)

Mickel (Driver of H3 w/black wheels)

Seth (Driver if H3 w/chrome wheels)



  1. Great pics Craig! You just can't keep Dad away from working on ANY car. I couldn't believe how close your floorboard was away from the big rock (about were your steps would have been).

  2. What? No Toyota's allowed?


    Looks like fun! Glad you got out.

  3. Hello,
    My name is Ron Muse and I have an H3 in the L.A. area.
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