April 2, 2009

Almost a Month of Silence

Wow, it has actually been almost a month since I last made a real blog entry. let me see if I can recap . . .

Work has been a challenge. I recently moved into a new department. I am still transferring over all my duties over to another sysadmin. Unfortunately, it would be baptism by fire since I am in the middle of some major server upgrades, dealing with close to one hundred terabytes of data. I am also working some high visibility projects on top of that. Then I got my new tasks, one which is full blown project management. Yeah, who would have thought Craig would ever do management? Not me, that is for sure!

Even time at home has been tight. We saw a real estate sign go up at the same complex where we almost bought a townhouse last year. It ended up being a short sale at a ridiculously low price. By the time we got pre-approved, the seller wasn't accepting any more offers. Not sure if this is a good thing or not yet. I am really not looking forward to moving just yet.

The flu bug hit Ellen and I pretty hard. We have both been coughing and hacking for almost a week. It even knocked me out of work for a couple days (like I really needed that).

Through all the commotion, I found some time to clean-up my computer room. Since I haven't flipped on the Sun enterprise server in a while, I decided to yank it out and put it up on Craigslist. I am not sure what I want for it, just putting out the feelers right now to see if I get any interest. With the big hulk out of the way, I finally have enough room for all my other computer gear to fit. I am really getting used to running Solaris on Intel architecture, so keeping the HP/Compaq workstations makes sense.

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