November 18, 2008


I spent last week in San Diego for the Large Installation System Administration (LISA) conference put on by USENIX. As you can imagine, I had a total geekgasm. It is one of the few times that I can hang out with a bunch of geeks until midnight while playing around on my laptop. I spent most of the time in training, but there were also some Technical sessions and miscellaneous talks.

There were many opportunities to meet new people, like LISA Bingo. The object was to find people on your card and have them sign it. It made for a good time meeting some of the key people that were responsible for coordinating the conference.

The conference was held at the Town & Country Resort Hotel. The place is a little on the aged side, but still provided a nice place for the conference. My room looked like it was something out of the seventies with all the mirrors

But still, the built-in ironing board provided a perfect desk for my laptop. I could even watch TV while I was busy computing.

Like most computer conferences, there is plenty of swag to take home, I must have brought back seven shirts and lots of just cool stuff.

I even got my picture taken with a booth bunny! LINKY-NSFW

After coming home from the conference, I decided to get all the stuff I moved into the garage from storage up into my computer room. I was getting tired of having to scout a parking spot in the street. I got the desk and rack moved to allow me to stack more in the room.

I also setup the old Apple //gs. I have been wanting to relive some of my childhood and geek-out in 8-bit coolness!

Fortunately, there was plenty of room for all the storage boxes.

That about wraps up the week.

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  1. I thought the booth bunny was going to look completely different! ;-)