October 26, 2008

Hummer Broken

During my last trip to Bishop for my reunion, I planned a trip back to the 12,000 ft. mark in the Sierras by taking Wheeler Ridge Mine Road. At about the 10,000 ft mark, my transfer case started to make some loud popping noises. Rather than push it, I decided to stop where we were. Ellen snapped a few pics while I assessed the situation.

We had a good view of Crowley lake from here:

You can see the grade we were pulling when it happened:

The road wasn't too bad yet, so it was a good thing the Hummer broke down at this point and not later:

We babied it back down the hill and back to town. Once I took it out of low range, the problem disappeared. Everything was good enough to get us home.

I have been bickering with the dealer to get the problem fixed. They had my truck for two days and were "unable to reproduce the problem". Well, I was able to reproduce it, and eventually took the service manager and lead mechanic out for a test drive. I was barely out the shop when the infamous pop happened, causing both the manager and mechanic to jump. Mission successful. I am bringing it back in Monday.

At least I had my truck to use to empty out my storage unit. Ellen and I decided to move our storage into one of the bedrooms to save some money, so I rented a trailer and hitched it to the Hummer. Luckily, the truck held together.

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