January 18, 2008

Interesting Week

I found several cool things this week.

There was a cool video posted about the development of the Hummer Hx. It is nice to see GM acknowledging the changing times. Have a looksie! LINKY

I bumped into a link for Shelfari, a web app to organize your book that you own. This is great for someone like me that has a rather extensive library. It also has a section to keep track of the books that are loaned to people. How cool is that? You can take a look at my library (at least what I have entered so far) right here: LINKY

I put the Hummer in the shop for some work. The big thing is the wheel alignment. I have noticed my wheels binding more than normal on tight turns ever since I lifted the front last week.

I broke the display on my cell phone . . . don't ask. Well, it well cost $100 to replace it or I can just buy a used model from EBay and swap the internal works. I am still waiting to hear back from the seller, who happens to be in the same city. Hopefully I will hear back from him tomorrow.

Work has been . . . well . . . hectic. I have so many projects and groups that I am supporting. Oh well, that is why they call it work!

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