January 31, 2008

Busy Busy Busy

Wow, this has been one busy week!

I recently bought another PC. Raytheon sells their surplus PCs back to the employees. I was lucky enough to have my name get pulled in the lottery. It was an HP D530, 3.0 Pentium IV, 512MB RAM and 80GB drive for $125. Not too bad! I got Solaris loaded up on it (I run Solaris on these at work, so I already know all the tricks), but it was running real slow. After scratching my head for a while, I realized that hyper-threading was off. One quick change in the BIOS and presto . . . the machine now kicks butt! I found another gig of RAM on EBay for $40, so it got even better!

The Hummer went back in the shop to have battery number two replaced. I sure hope this one is from another batch. I am tired of only getting about ten thousand miles per battery. The dealership gave me a 2008 H3 to drive for the day. It was like driving a lowrider since it didn't have a lift kit or even the adventure kit. The automatic made it quite sluggish. Yeah, I like mine better!

At work, I have been writing a course to teach SSH. It will include all the goodies like forwarding X, public/private key authentication, automation, even how to accomplish this on Windows. I am up to forty slides so far, minus the practice exercises. I also need to build the systems to use in the class. So far all my peers have commented that it looks like a professional wrote it. I guess the proof will be seen when the class really happens.

One other minor tragedy took place. I broke the LCD display on my cell phone. Since it was going to cost over $100 to replace it, I cracked the phone open and discovered I could easily replace the display. I took a look on EBay and found another phone (same model) that was listed as "poor condition but working" for $40. After ten minutes of work, the display was back to operational status on my phone. Yay!

Yeah, one busy week!

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