December 31, 2007

2007 in Review

A lot of things happened in 2007. . .

Work kept me busy. I have been working many projects. I was given the honor of being one of Raytheon's Technical Honors Award recipients. I even suffered through the great SunRay outages when four hundred thin clients went belly-up do to a change to the DHCP infrastructure. Mojave has kept me on the road more than I like, but it is a good feeling knowing that the people I support always request me to do the work. Lets not forget the whole daylight savings time readjustment . . .

But not everything was work. I made several fun trips to the Eastern Sierras in the Hummer. I took my father along for a male-bonding trip. I have also made many changes to the Hummer just for these trips, the coolest being the cat-back exhaust system. I also istalled a real CB radio just in case we had problems on the road (or off the road in this case).

The XBox 360 is seeing a lot more use with the purchase of some really fun games this year. My inner child was having a blast with all the Lego games (Bionicle and Lego Star Wars). I also enjoyed the extremely bizarre humor in Raving Rabbids. Lets not forget the great FPS games of the year, Halo 3 and Orange Box. I bought Ellen Scene It, which has given us the chance to enjoy each other's company while gaming.

I have eased-up on my computing at home, but I still had many projects completed. Moving the computer room upstairs was a good decision (by Ellen). I have better cooling in the summer and more room for company in the spare room. I moved my homepage to a real ISP so I no longer lose bandwidth to everyone else.

I hope 2008 is just as good as 2007!

Happy New Year everyone!

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