August 16, 2007

Weekend Trip with Pops

Today is my last day to get ready for my off-road trip with my dad. We are heading to Bishop tomorrow and taking a trip to Wheeler Ridge Saturday.

I have all my equipment ready in the Hummer. I just need to pack clothes and the ice chest and I am ready to go. The backend is already full with all the supplies:
*) Tool Kit
*) First Aid
*) Shovel
*) Fire Extinguisher
*) Tow Chain (50 ft w/3/8" links)
*) Tow Strap (30 ft)
*) Tow Strap
*) Clevis Clamps
*) Hi-Lift Jack
*) Jump Start Pack
*) Air Compressor
*) Winch Kit for Jack
*) Water Jug
*) Portable CB Radio
*) GPS
*) Bolt Cutters
*) Spikes (in case there are no trees to winch from)

Here are some good pictures of the trail earlier this year: LINKY

I found a tool to dump the trip from my GPS into Google Earth, so I hope to have a good interactive map for all of you to follow.

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