July 10, 2007

HTML Loser

I really suck at HTML. After looking at my homepage for over a year, I decided to use a graphical editor to fix my alignment problem. It was only Internet Explorer that was giving me grief. Here's an example:

I found that the editor changed just on little thing. It changed < td>
to < td align="left">.
Good thing I am not a web designer!

1 comment:

  1. The HTML didn't show up. :( You will probably need to use &lt; and &gt; for < and >. Do a quick search and replace in the editor before pasting it in.

    Maybe I can help to clean it up.

    WYSIWYG editors produce downright atrocious HTML. I highly recommend against using them. Front Page is probably the worst offender here, but even Dream Weaver spits out weird code when you're not careful.

    BTW, your CAPTCHA is very difficult to read.