June 24, 2007

Time to Breathe

WHEW! things have been hectic, in case you were wondering why I really haven't been updating my blog.

Work has me running around like crazy. We are going through some audits right now so I haven't had much free time.

The pictures of my last off-road trip were quite popular with my father, so I am planning a "guy's trip" this summer back up to Bishop, this time tackling Wheeler Ridge. You can get a good preview of what we are going to tackle here: LINKY.

Ellen and I got a couple of new cell phones. We chose the LG vx8300. I also found an open-source program to read/write files on the phone. It also works with many others, so be sure to check it out. They have Windows, Mac and Linux versions available.

I stopped by Best Buy and picked-up a new GPS, Garmin eTrex Legend. It is not feature rich by any means, but the price tag of $140.00 was perfect. It has a decent breadcrumb mode and altimeter, just what I needed for off-roading.

Speaking of Hummer upgrades, I also bought a Gibson cat-back exhaust system. I will be going to my folks next weekend to install the new pipes. I'll post a sound clip for the curious.

I can't wait until I go to Bishop and try out all the goods!

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