May 2, 2007

What the hell happened to April?

I looked back at my previous journal entries and realized it has been close to a month since I posted a real entry! April came and went in a flash. WTF!

The Hummer just rolled over to 15000 miles, and it is not even a year old yet. I dropped from an eighty mile round trip to work to twenty-two, so we must be traveling quite a bit. Actually, we just got back from Sunnyvale this weekend. Ellen and I went there to watch my niece, Sasha, in a swim meet. She scored a medal in event she competed in, two bronze and two silver! We are so proud of her!

Work has been quite busy. I have been elected to lead a few projects, plus all the every day mumble-jumble. The days are going by quick since I am so busy.

In other news, I just got my "Raving Rabbids" today!

Too bad I am so tired. Maybe this weekend.

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    I try to post atleast once a day...

    Congrats to your niece (how old is she again ;))