March 14, 2007

What a long week!



Murphy has taken up residence in my cube this week.

The DST transition didn't go so well at work. A few Linux systems needed a file "touched" for the new zoneinfo to take place, someone disabled registry write permissions on my Windows systems so they never got the update that I pushed through group policy, and a few "privileged" users that had root access decided to "help" me by manually changing the clocks, causing those systems to just freeze-up!

This was only the first couple of hours Monday . . .

Meanwhile, in another server room, I have a file system getting borked. It is a severely fragmented ext3 file system. The fix is to back it up and rebuild. I tried to sync it across the network, but the receiving system decided to get wacky and would crash for no apparent reason. The solution was to take the disk array off the receiving system and connect it direct to the system with the issues (the first system). The required down time, which I couldn't get until 6:00 PM (PDT) last night. By the time I left, it was, I was at work for thirteen hours. Just enough time to go home, get a bite to eat, sleep and be back at work the next morning . . . at five in the friggin morning! I checked the status of the data migration and it looks like it won't be done until some time next week (Monday?).

Oh yeah, I have to go to Mojave tomorrow for a security audit . . . oh joy! And I have to be there by 7:00, which means I am leaving the house around 5:00.

I am so glad I have Friday off . . .

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