March 22, 2007

A Trip to the Bay Area

Last Friday, Ellen and I made a trip to San Fransisco for an extended weekend. We spent the first bit of time with my aunt and uncle. Saturday, we checked out the Great Mall in Milpitas and WeirdStuff in Sunnyvale. Sunday was all spent downtown. I have never driven there before (I always used public transportation), so it was a challenge. Actually, it wasn't too bad until Ellen wanted to check out Lombard street. Remember . . . my Hummer has a stick! I had a few rough areas, but we made it okay. Those five years of driving a big rig paid off!

Coming home, we went to Modesto first via Livermore. Boy, was it pretty there! I took a wrong turn which put us on an old two lane road in the hills.

Overall, it was a very pleasant trip. The only part that made it bad was fueling-up the Hummer. Of course, it would have been cheaper if I would just slow down a bit . . . (5.5 hours from Torrance to Fremont O_O)

As usual . . . pictures! LINKY (sorry, I haven't had time to put in captions)

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