February 5, 2007

Sweet Justice

Ever have one of those days when you are driving down the road and some jerk-off cuts you off and the only thing you can think about is why there is never a cop when you need one? I can't tell you how many times this has happened to me, yet the cops always are around on the days I am running late and decide to speed (I average about one ticket per year).

Anyways, I was heading home and turned onto my street. This is a wide road. It used to be four lanes at one time, but the city made it two to accommodate bike lanes and parking. The middle is wide enough to be a lane, but it is blocked off by double-doubles. Some twit driving a Nissan Armada coming at me decided she wanted the parking spot on my side of the street (parking is a rare commodity here). Does she wait until she gets to the intersection before making the U-turn? Oh, hell no! She was too busy yacking on her cell phone to realize that a big ol' Hummer was coming at her, so she whipped her SUV into a turn, right in front of me! I almost took her bumper off! After spending a few seconds to flip her the bird, I proceeded down the road and made the turn into the alley behind my building and parked my Hummer in the garage. As I walked to the front of the building, I heard what sounded like a police radio. Sure enough, a motorcycle cop saw the whole thing and was issuing a traffic ticket!

Justice has been served!