February 8, 2007


I am becoming a yuppie.  My mother-in-law gave me a Starbucks card, so I have been stopping there every morning on my way to work.  The employees know me by name.  *shudder*

Of course, driving the Hummer alone to work every day doesn't help my standing . . .


  1. Nah, you could only become a yuppie in the 80's. :P

    Now you are just... I don't know... Mainstream?

  2. Oh no, a card carrying Starbucks coffee goer! JK, Sip on a carmel machiato for me please. The closet thing to any decent coffee I can get here is in my own kitchen courtesy of Flying Bean or Peet's internet order. Enjoy!

  3. Oh no, what's next ??????????????

  4. You know... your right... you should cut back on your mainstreamness and to start.. you should just give me your hummer.