January 16, 2007

Normality Slowly Getting Restored

What has been happening in my life? Fortunately, not much lately!

There has been a lot of construction going on in my apartment complex. Ever since Tiffany moved into #4, everything has been getting fixed. I believe her dad is the property owner. The entire building was repainted over the holidays, even my patio!. Tiffany had a new door put in her apartment. Not just any door, but a nice aluminum door with a nice window! New roll up garage doors were installed yesterday with insulated panels and teflon wheels. Heck, we even got new Genie screw-drive garage openers! We are also getting new double-paned windows. It's about time that $2K/month I spend on rent goes to good use!

In video game land, I have been replaying Lego Star Wars II (I couldn't move over my save games from the XBox). I did purchase a device to connect my XBox 360 hard drive to my PC called an XPort. This has allowed me to transfer over the saved games from my XBox to my XBox 360, granted 8MB at a time. At least I didn't lose all my Halo stuff! The XPort also allows me to backup the entire drive with ease, so I might try to do some hacking in the future. I have also started going through all the discs that came with my XBox magazines. There are some really cool things on them. There is also some kind of scoring system that keeps track of all the things you have looked at on the disc. I have only gone through four all the way, so I am anxious to find out what happens when I get all caught up.

At work, I am starting to scramble with the time zone change that the politicians have pushed onto us Americans. I am now forced to apply patches/fixes to all my systems. Many of my networks do not have internet connections, so I will have to go do this via sneaker net.

I also helped a fellow coworker put an iPod mount in her 2002 Honda Accord. My best one yet! LINKY

While I am at it, here is the link from my Christmas pictures. LINKY

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  1. Wonderful Christmas pictures of the family! Looks like you fooled Santa (once again) and that it was a terrific get together(s) of family, fun and festivities.