August 1, 2006

Yet Another Busy Weekend

Ellen and I got all of our stuff moved out of one storage unit and moved to another. I really need to go through all my crap and start tossing stuff I don't need. I actually got a good start on thinning-out by getting rid of the tall computer rack I used to have in the garage in Lancaster. Ellen found a place in Wilmington that would take it and even pay us for it ($3.00 . . . at least it paid for the gas to take it there). I also moved my workbench from storage and put it under the cabinet behind where the Hummer parks. It is still hard to believe that the Hummer is not as long and the S-10.

A few weeks ago, I noticed someone was using LiveJournal to follow my personal blog. Well, after dinking around on the LiveJournal site, I found the username "suteki" was responsible. The profile wasn't giving me enough info so I finally braved-up and shot off an email. It turned out that suteki was a former classmate from Bishop, my home town. Maybe this person will send me their email address here (wink, wink).

Ellen saw the surgeon Monday. He said she looks great and plans on putting her under the knife towards the end of August. The office hasn't called back with all the dates yet, but I will keep everyone informed.

I guess that about wraps it up for the weekend report.

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