August 22, 2006

Family Visit


I finally got a chance to take a few minutes and write the weekend update. I am now finally recovering from a rather filled weekend.

My brother and family came down Friday to spend the weekend with us in Torrance. While they spent most of the day driving down from Modesto, we finished it off by going to Ellen's parents apartment for swimming in the pool and a great spaghetti dinner. That was enough for all of us.

Saturday, we all crammed into the Hummer and went to Manhatten Beach. I was really surprised when I saw how empty it was. The waves weren't all that great, but the water felt so good! After spending about three hours at the beach, we stopped by a grocery store that had a guy out front barbequeing tri-tip. We also bought some deli salads (potato and macaroni) for an easy dinner. The girls were still a little restless, so I drove to the local Game Stop and purchased two dance pads for the Xbox. Well, let's just say they never mellowed out, but at least they had fun!

Sunday was the chance for the girls to go out to the mall and shop. I took my brother and went to Fry's to find a replacement for my dead PC (yeah, it hurts . . . but I really need Windows to do some things). I decided on a little HP Pavilion Slimline s7420n. It has quite a bit of bang for the buck. Not a good choice for a gaming system, but good enough for what I am using it for.

Monday was quite busy as well! Ellen had to take the Solstice to the shop already. Looks like the rearend is leaking a little after only 1200 miles. Oh well. Better now than when we are on a trip! I offered to Hummer to Ellen but she insisted on driving the pickup for the duration.

That about wraps it up! I only have pics from Saturday here: LINKY

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