July 11, 2006

Yet Another iPod Project

I got the iPod kit put in the Hummer last night. It kinda felt wrong taking apart a new car just a couple of days after I put plates on it. I also got a surprise when I opened the iPod module package and read the following piece of paper:
DEAR Customer,

Your iPod interface has been upgraded. It will display artist and song title on radio when "DISP" or "INFO" is pressed while iPod is playing in Playlist Mode.

This feature is valid only if the "XM Band Control" is chosen. Please see manual's Section 1-2 for details on XM Band Control setup.

Thank you.

Needless to say, I configured the module for XM and playlists. Woohoo! Now I can keep the iPod in the glovebox, out of view and still be able control the songs being played. It even pauses when the radio is turned off! How cool is that?

As always . . . (sigh) . . . pics can be found here:

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