May 7, 2006

Long Time, No Real Journal

Well, I fianlly got a few minutes to bring everyone up to speed on the last few weeks . . .

Last weekend, Ellen and I made a trip to Modesto to see my niece, Sarah, perform in another ballet, "Peter and the Wolf". I can't believe how well she dances! I really think this will be her career.

As always, you can see the pictures here:

Work has been keeping me very busy. The projects I am working on require a lot of my attention. I am exausted when I get home. But I guess it is worth it . . . Once again, Raytheon has thrown some more money at me in the form of an yearly raise.

Still no word on when the H3 will be arriving. I have been looking for a cat-back exhaust system for it in hopes to raise the gas milage.

Not too much more to say. Y'all take care!

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