March 29, 2006

The Life of a Computer Geek

Whew! I finally got a chance to sit down and get an entry in . . .

I have been totally geeking-out on my server lately. I was given some inspiration to build an internet radio station. I had no problem with the actual server, it was the feed that gave me major headaches. My biggest problem was that I was running Solaris. Not much help in the community for that. I had all kinds of help for Linux. Well, I was determined and had help from my best friend. KBSI is now on the air!

I also got a program called ampache to stream individual songs, without sharing the actual mp3 file. Really cool stuff!

One other project was to setup a wiki. I chose to use mediawiki, the same code that powers WikiPedia. I am in the middle of getting it to match the look of the homepage and put some content in it, so it will not be available for a little while.

Besides all the computer fun at home, I have been loaded at work. I am getting ready to attend a Linux course in a few weeks to take over a new project.

You can check out all my computer goodness at

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