March 7, 2006

One Thousand Miles

What a long weekend. I finally got the energy to sit down and write about it!

Friday was my flex day, so I drove to Rosamond to have lunch with a lady that I worked with for twelve years at NASA. It was great to see some of the people I worked with up there. But still, I don't miss the desert.

Saturday, Ellen and I made a last-minute trip to Modesto to see me niece perform in another ballet performance. We left Torrance at 10:30 and arraived in Modesto at 3:00. Not bad for a 400 mile trip!

The show was great. Sarah is so talented! She even did a segment of tap dancing. I didn't even know she was into tap!

We got a late start Sunday coming home. We didn't start leaving town until 3:30 which brought us home about 8:45.

As usual, there are a few pictures. None of the performance though. I am still waiting for the DVD from the Nutcracker to be releaed! Oh well. Here's the link:

Today, I did my presentation for the new front-end for the thin clients at Raytheon. Everyone was raving about the menu and the added functionality I put in the system. I am so jazzed right now.

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